In regards to web hosting, cloud architecture refers to using a separate server for each aspect of the web hosting service. Such a configuration leads to a lot better performance because one machine will be used just for file storage, another only for running databases, and so on, which means that different system processes will not run on the exact same machine. This will reduce the probability of system errors substantially and will allow your sites to run faster, not mentioning the greater uptime. In case you're looking for this type of service, it is important to double check that you'll really get it because many companies advertise cloud hosting plans, yet the control panels they use aren't designed to work in a real cloud and can work only on a single server. The trouble with using a single machine is that in case one service goes down or generates high load, the entire server will most probably go offline, so your Internet sites will no longer be accessible.

Genuine Cloud Architecture in Cloud Web Hosting

The shared web hosting service which we provide uses a true cloud platform and you could use its full potential and experience all its advantages from the in-house built Hepsia Control Panel, which was created specifically for it. We have clusters of servers taking care of every aspect of the Internet hosting service such as files, statistics, databases, Control Panel, e-mail messages, etc., so you'll practically never see any downtime of your sites even for maintenance. The system resources you can use will be virtually inexhaustible since we can add more hard drives for more space and / or entire servers for extra processing power to each of the clusters if needed. In case you get one of our shared internet hosting solutions, you'll use an exceptionally fast, stable and dependable hosting service on a genuine cloud platform.