Solid–State Drives

Your site will be much faster with solid–state disks

All new PCs and laptop computers are equipped with solid–state drives and this is so for a reason. SSDs boast much faster read and write speeds, making everything much faster. Exactly the same will be valid for your website if you host it with 1001server – all the cloud web hosting servers boast solid–state drives and the websites hosted with us open faster compared to those hosted on traditional hard drives.

And the best of all is that you do not need to change, fine–tune or modify anything in any way so as to make it work faster.

VPN Access

Safe, private website browsing

If you live in a region with rigorous web surfing regulations but wish to explore the Internet world as much as you can, we have the solution for you. With all our cloud web hosting packs, you’ll be able to gain Virtual Private Network access and browse the Internet freely. All you need to do is set up a brand new network with the settings we offer and we’ll forward both your incoming and outgoing online traffic out of one of our VPN data centers.

Data Backups

Ever lost your web site content? Take advantage of our data backup service

Once published on the net, your site content is vulnerable to hack assaults. It may be affected even by your very own unintentional actions. Choose us and, there is nothing to worry about, because we always have a backup of your site content, which will be retrieved whenever you want. Plus, you’ll be able to make manual backups of your entire web site with a single click of the mouse through the File Manager, which is available in the Web Hosting Control Panel. The system will save all your website files and will compress them into a ZIP archive, which will be saved in your web hosting account.

Website Installer

Launch your own web site with a click of the mouse

Setting up your web sites is as easy as 1–2–3 with the quick, single–click Instant Site Installer. Absolutely no programming is needed, no website design skills are necessary at all. Just pick the type of site that you want – business or personal, as well as a layout of your liking. After that press the Install button and your new site will be brought online in the blink of an eye. Find the Website Installer within the 1001server Web Hosting Control Panel.

Faster Performance

Shockingly fast speed is one of the key pros of our custom–built cloud web hosting system.

We have managed to modernize the bandwidth to as much as 10 Gbps in order to guarantee better Internet connectivity and much faster web site load times, to supply additional machines that make more efficient routine server maintenance duties and reduce performance disturbances and outages, and to transfer all user accounts to solid–state disks, which have much faster data execution speeds and a much better stability compared with the normal disk drives.

Domain Manager

Control all your domain names from one single place

You can easily manage all your domain names with the Web Hosting Control Panel–integrated Domain Name Manager. With one click, you will be able to lock & unlock a domain name, change name server records, create custom DNS entries, redirect a web site, park unlimited domain names and even more. Moreover, you can register and transfer multiple domain names, hide your personal WHOIS data or safeguard your online shopping portal with a Secure Sockets Layer certificate.

Remote MySQL Access

Remotely connect to your MySQL database

Generally, a MySQL database could only be accessed by websites that are hosted in the very same web hosting account as the database. But with our Remote MySQL functionality, you can give database access to another hostname. This can be very useful in case you run several online shopping portals and wish to share a client database between each one of them.

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